image of Dr. Melvyn Schreiber

COMMEMORATING A CAREER: Conference room dedicated in honor of UTMB’s Dr. Melvyn Schreiber

Oct 17, 2019, 19:34 PM by Jessica Wyble

Image of Dr. Melvyn SchreiberUTMB’s Radiology Department recently celebrated the lifelong contributions of its own Dr. Melvyn Schreiber, clinical professor and former chair of the Radiology Department, by dedicating a conference room in his honor. 

Nestled in the Radiology Department in the John Sealy Annex on UTMB’s Galveston Campus, the room bears Schreiber’s name and is a small nod to the role Schreiber has played at UTMB during a career that has spanned more than half a century. 

Still a member of the team, the Galveston native now spends the bulk of his time at UTMB working with the department’s residents. 

“Dr. Schreiber was one of UTMB’s first Radiology residents and he went on to make a name for himself in the field right here at UTMB,” says Dr. Eric Walser, professor and current UTMB chair of Radiology. “Honoring him in this way just felt right.” 

Walser recently held a lecture for residents on the work and accomplishments of Schreiber in the Ashbel Smith Building, in one of the very rooms where Schreiber first sat as a medical student in the 1950s. 

Reflecting on this recent gesture initiated by Walser and the Radiology Department, Schreiber is humbled. 

“I am honored and truly appreciate what they have done for me,” says Schreiber. “I’ve had a great experience working here and love that I am still able to come in every day.”