From the President

May 17, 2016, 10:19 AM by User Not Found
While we’re less than halfway through 2016, this year has already been a remarkable one for UTMB.

Many of you may know that this October marks the 125th anniversary of the first meeting of the founding members of the University of Texas Medical Department at Old Red. The past few months also have included some new historic milestones for UTMB as we opened the state-of-the-art Jennie Sealy Hospital in April and held the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new League City Hospital earlier this month.

The opening of Jennie Sealy Hospital allows the second phase of the John Sealy Hospital modernization project to get fully underway. When the new John Sealy is complete in 2020, it will offer another soothing, healing environment for our patients and their families, and an advanced learning and practice environment for our students, faculty and staff.

You can learn more about the John Sealy Hospital modernization inside this issue, along with stories about our people. Among them:

  • A day in the life of Dr. Pradan Nathan, CMC telepsychiatrist
  • A profile of Dr. Tom Ksiazek, director of high-containment laboratory operations, Galveston National Laboratory
  • A new transparency initiative to make quality and safety performance information more accessible
  • UTMB’s neurodegenerative research piques interest of a national correspondent
  • An overview of UTMB’s new nursing hiring initiative and the inspiring story of a recent School of Nursing graduate
  • Our Employee Service Day ceremony and annual Earth Day event
  • Physical fitness tips by Chad Davenport, senior physical therapist
  • Numerous accomplishments and kudos in the Working Wonders column and throughout the newsletter
If you have ideas for future issues of the newsletter, let the Impact team know.

Thank you!

Dr. David L. Callender
UTMB President