Being the best in correctional managed care

Oct 19, 2016, 10:13 AM by KirstiAnn Clifford

This year’s CMC Summer Conference in Houston began with an introduction to UTMB’s top priority for 2017: Best Care.

Donna Sollenberger, executive vice president and chief executive officer for UTMB Health, spoke about the efforts to achieve a top 20 ranking among academic medical centers by fiscal year 2018, and explained how CMC employees fit into the initiative.

Although CMC is not directly involved in the study that evaluates and ranks academic medical centers, they have their own Best Care goals in the correctional health care environment, which include reducing length of stay and improving access to care.

Sollenberger emphasized that everyone plays a part in making UTMB the best in patient care, research and education.

“The work you do makes me so proud to work at UTMB,” said Sollenberger. “I came into health care because I believe that every human being has a right to good health care, and you exemplify that every day with your focus on making sure our patients get the best care. So thank you for doing that—it humbles me to be able to work with people like you.”

2016 Correctional Managed Care Employee Service Awards

The 2016 Employee Service Awards also were announced at CMC’s Summer Conference Sept. 8. Congratulations to all CMC employees nominated this year for always striving to provide Best Care!

Above and Beyond Award
Gold: Nichole Ferguson, CCA, Hughes Facility
Silver: Susan Dostal, SPM, Jester III Facility
Bronze: Donna Bradley, RN, Texas Juvenile Justice Department

Beneficial Innovation Award
Gold: Teri Smith, RN, Cluster NM, Hughes Facility
Silver: Shannon Sandridge, RN, nurse supervisor, Young Facility
Bronze: Pamela Mudd, LVN, Polunsky Facility

Excellence in Team Spirit Award
Gold: Neha Agrawal, pharmacy clinical practice specialist, Stafford
Silver: Cynthia Yzaguirre, RN, TJJD
Bronze: Cynthia Herrera, RDA, Torres Facility

Meritorious Achievement Award
Gold: Angela Tanner, LVN, Plane Facility
Silver: David Davis, MHCM, Hodge Facility
Bronze: Margaret Wells, pharmacy technologist, Huntsville

Outstanding Patient Care Award
Gold: Penny Bomar, LVN/ICN, Hughes Facility
Silver: Michelle Munch, pharmacy clinical practice specialist, Huntsville
Bronze: Co Nguyen, medical director, Jester IV Facility

Rising Star Award
Gold: Dana Boswell, CCA, Gist Facility
Silver: Ekundayo Osho, pharmacy clinical practice specialist, Huntsville
Bronze: Allison Pearce, CCA, Woodman Facility

Servant Leader Award
Gold: Urmila Rawat, RN, Travis Facility
Silver: Jack Dailey, RN, Beto Facility
Bronze: Susan Perez, senior pharmacist, Huntsville

Safety Awareness Award
Gold: Trisha McGhee, informatics pharmacist, Huntsville
Silver: Jeanette Benskin, RDA, Murray Facility
Bronze: Denise Church, CCA, Polunsky Facility