From the President

Dec 20, 2016, 14:19 PM by User Not Found
I’d like to wish you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season as we come to the conclusion of another calendar year, one that has been historically significant for UTMB in many ways.

Your hard work and commitment this past year and in the many previous years were catalysts for UTMB to open the Jennie Sealy Hospital on our Galveston Campus and the League City Campus Hospital—among many other accomplishments—during our 125th year as an institution. I’d like to personally thank you for all you’ve done to improve the lives of others and for your continued contributions to UTMB’s vital and important missions.

This issue of Impact features stories that exemplify who we are and where we’re headed in the future:

  • A Day in the Life of Edwina Moore, a creative and energetic UTMB Campus Store clerk
  • A profile of Toby Boenig, vice president and chief compliance officer
  • A closer look at Best Care in Action, spotlighting UTMB’s multidisciplinary OB Services improvement team
  • An introduction to UTMB Discover, an enterprise data warehouse focused on turning data into opportunities
  • An inside look at the Employee Advisory Council’s visit with CMC employees at the Huntsville Pharmacy and Polunsky Unit
  • A research study that offers new insight into how Alzheimer’s disease begins
  • Tips for safe online holiday shopping by Bob Shaffer, director of UTMB’s Office of Information Security
  • Numerous accomplishments and kudos in the Working Wonders column and throughout the newsletter

Please take some time to enjoy this latest issue, reflect on our very successful 2016 and look ahead to a new year, when we will continue working together to work wonders. Thank you!

Dr. David L. Callender
UTMB President