Introducing the "UTMB Wonders" brand awareness campaign

Jan 19, 2017, 17:33 PM by Mary Havard and KirstiAnn Clifford
UTMB Wonders Campaign
UTMB launched a new brand awareness campaign this month to help spread the word about the university’s great work. It’s designed to reach those who can benefit most from the many advances UTMB makes every day.

Through television, radio and digital advertising—targeted to how people are consuming media now—the “UTMB Wonders” campaign is intended to help UTMB stand out in an increasingly competitive consumer health care landscape. It complements more specific advertising about individual clinical service lines to attract patients, and will support efforts to promote UTMB as a university of choice for students, an employer of choice for faculty and staff, and a worthy investment for research funding.

“This new campaign highlights the compassionate, state-of-the-art health care UTMB is providing to a rapidly growing population, as well as the world-changing work we’re doing in medical research and discovery,” said UTMB President David Callender. “The campaign shows how we are working together to work wonders.”

The campaign features a series of television commercials showcasing just a few of our many advances, to represent how UTMB works wonders. Radio and digital ads complement the TV commercials. Each ad points viewers and listeners to a dedicated website,, for more information on the topics. The site will build over time with even more highlights of UTMB wonders.

Ad lungsThe first set of five ads, which launched publicly on Jan. 16, highlight innovation through our MakerHealth Space; modern, cutting-edge facilities, such as Jennie Sealy Hospital; access to care with information on our many clinic locations; advanced technology, such as our anti-gravity treadmill; and the power of discovery, illustrated by the lungs UTMB researchers engineered in their lab. Future commercials will include our intraoperative MRI in Jennie Sealy Hospital. The 15-second TV ads can be paired to create a variety of 30-second commercials. This flexibility helps ensure UTMB gets the most out of every advertising dollar.

The campaign’s message, design and media strategy resulted from months of research, including focus groups with consumers, physicians, caregivers, neighbors, families and friends to see what comes to people’s minds when UTMB is mentioned. The university and SPM—a nationally regarded agency with expertise in health care and academic institutions—used results to create and place ads in traditional and non-traditional media, such as Pandora and Hulu.

Steve Campbell, vice president for Marketing and Communications, said, “This campaign builds the strength of our existing brand, featuring our logo and Working Wonders theme prominently. We’ll measure results at key points to ensure the messages and their placement are reinforcing existing positive impressions of UTMB while creating more awareness among people who either didn’t know we are here for them, or who had an outdated impression of us. We want people viewing these ads to think, ‘Wow! I didn’t know that. I want to learn more,’ and ultimately choose UTMB for their care.”

You can learn more about the brand awareness campaign and see the new ads at The page also includes a form where you can send us information on the wonders you and your colleagues work.