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Innovation in Life Sciences Summer Camp

Summer Camp 2024 Applications are now open!

Join us from May 19-24 for our full-time immersive Summer Camp focused on innovation & entrepreneurship in the health and life sciences. This program is available to any higher-education student in Texas, from the undergraduate through post-doc levels. Attendance for selected participants is fully sponsored (excluding travel) and attendees will engage in daily talks, workshops, and even engage in a collaborative innovation sprint.

Applications close March 23, apply now!

Learn how to change health & medicine from the inside out.

Our one-week program brings together a diverse network of students, faculty, industry leaders, and innovators into a high-energy, low-stress environment focused on driving change in the health and life sciences. Gain insight as you chart your course, from mentoring and internships to building and leading successful ventures.

  • Negar Moradian, UTMB:

    "The hackathon brought us the opportunity to work in teams and present our ideas, and I had the chance to give one of my state-of-the-art projects on the subject of 'Implementing artificial intelligence for gait rehabilitation in the post-stroke individuals.' 
    Special thanks to Lanette Harris , Dr. Daniel Jupiter , and Dr. Massoud Motamedi for putting enormous energy into organizing such a valuable summer camp."

  • Fatima Muili, Texas Southern University:

    “I had a blast 💥! This was an event of firsts. If I start my narrative, I will end up with a book. Special thanks to #TSUCOPHS for choosing me to represent. #UTMB & Blackstone Launchpad crew and all the wonderful attendees and speakers in #innovation #research and #lifesciences"

  • Aireona Armagon, Texas Southern University:

    “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Camp was an amazing experience. Thank you to all the guest speakers and entrepreneurs for sharing a piece of your journey with us."

  • Nico Silva, UT El Paso:

    "(We) worked together and built a solid team to adapt, grow, and execute our innovation together. Still in the afterglow of this experience. Infinitely grateful to the sponsors and organizers. Congrats to all the teams for building, learning, leaning into the discomfort and being leaders in the #lifesciences and #innovation"

  • Naiju Thomas, UTMB:

    “Success never originates from the effort of a single person; it’s a result of teamwork. Thank you Daniel Jupiter, Lanette Harris, and Massoud Motamedi"