UTMB Laboratory Services provides Clinical and Anatomical Pathology services to UTMB Hospital and Clinics, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ), and various other community agencies and physicians. This guide is designed to provide a convenient compendium of information of the services offered by the department, as well as to describe the logistics involved in the ordering of tests. In many instances, the complexities of biological testing in the modern laboratory cannot be completely described in print and users should avail themselves of the expert advice offered by the professional and technical staff of the department. Note: Tests sent out to ARUP, our primary reference lab, are specified in the test menu and linked to the ARUP search engine.


New Test: Hemoglobinopathy Evaluation

Starting January 18, 2018, Hemoglobinopathy Evaluation by Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) and High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) will be offered by Hematopathology Laboratory at the Department of Pathology. The Hemoglobinopathy Evaluation test is to replace Hemoglobin Electrophoresis test, and will be available to be ordered through EPIC Order Entry.

If you have questions concerning this test, please contact Dr. You-Wen Qian at 409-772-2846.

2016 Antibiogram Available

2016 Antimicrobial Susceptibility data is now available. Click here!

Order of Draw and Processing Time for Blood Specimens

Blood cultures, using the appropriate aseptic technique, are alsways collected first. Blood must be allowed to clot completely prior to centrifugation. Minimum clotting times are determined by the type of collection tube as shown in the table below.

Order of Draw

Sample Time of Collection

The paper or electronic requisition must include the date and time of specimen collection. The laboratory will reject (not test) specimens when the requisition (paper or electronic) is missing the date or time of collection. Refer to the Test Request requirements on the Specimen Collection page of the LSG for requirements. This change is necessitated to comply with CLIA federal regulations for Test Requests.

Minimum Volume Requirements

Effective April 1, 2012, the laboratory will reject (not test) samples that do not meet the minimum volume requirements specified in the Laboratory Survival Guide for each test. This change is necessitated to comply with manufacturer's instructions for each test and federal CLIA regulations for SAMPLE SUBMISSION, HANDLING, and REFERRAL.

Sample Processing and Storage

The laboratory must comply with manufacturer's instructions for each test and federal CLIA regulations for SAMPLE SUBMISSION, HANDLING, and REFERRAL. Specimen processing and storage instructions are included for each individual laboratory test. The laboratory will reject samples that do not meet collection, processing and storage requirements as specified.

Operation of Pneumatic Tube System
(Galveston Hospital and UHC locations only)

Please follow precautions outlined in this policy when sending patient specimens to the Laboratory via the Pneumatic Tube System. PTS Policy