Media Relations and Crisis Communications Marketing & Communications

We partner with and help coordinate our interaction with traditional and new media outlets, and support our faculty and leadership in letting the world know about the great work taking place at UTMB Health.

Resources and Information for Media

Our Media Relations team can help to identify the best sources for your stories about UTMB patient care, research and education. We also can help you find expert commentary for breaking medical, science and health policy stories. The team has access to pager numbers, cell phones and assistants to help you reach the right people when you are on tight deadlines. Media relations officers also can provide complete logistical support for broadcast and photography shoots, and serve as field producers for video or radio interviews, and for video B-roll and photographs.

News Releases and Advisories

Media relations officers use e-mail and other methods to distribute news releases, advisories and tip sheets about published research, new clinical programs, procedures and technology, and unique patient stories. Contact us to add your name or news organization to our distribution list.

Patient Condition Reports

The media relations staff provides general patient condition information within the limitations imposed by the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). A patient name is required. Release of detailed information or information about minors requires written consent of the parent, guardian or legal representative.

Patient Consent

Any patient who will be interviewed, videotaped or photographed within a UTMB medical facility must first sign a UTMB-approved, HIPAA-compliant consent form (Spanish Version of HIPAA-compliant consent form). Media relations officers are authorized to obtain consent. [read FAQs: Media and Promotional Authorization and Release Form]

Patient Privacy

Patient privacy is a priority at UTMB's hospitals and clinics. All journalists must be escorted by a media relations officer when reporting inside any UTMB facility.

Media Escorts

In order to protect patient confidentiality within federal HIPAA guidelines, members of the news and other media, including photographers and video crews must be escorted by a member of the media relations staff while visiting any UTMB facility.

Directions and Parking

The media relations team can provide specific directions and secure no-cost campus parking for journalists. Maps and directions to UTMB hospitals and clinics are available online. Visit the UTMB Health map for details »

Emergency and Crisis Communication

Marketing and Communications supports a communication framework and a host of tools for response to emergencies (internal, external, naturally occurring or man-made), to guide all staff in managing an event safely and assuring rapid recovery to normal operating conditions. Visit the Emergency Operations website »

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Communication information for the UTMB research community

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