Brand Management and Digital Communications Marketing & Communications

UTMB Health's mission is to shape the future of health care. Our brand reflects the importance of that work. For the world to understand our critical role in the future of medicine, it must be constantly reminded of our presence.

By consistently applying the standards of our identity system, you help us ensure that the UTMB Health brand continually reinforces and builds on our reputation. The people of UTMB Health give this institution their all. To make sure our brand works just as hard, take care to follow the brand guidelines wherever our brand is applied.

Identity System

Brand standards apply to all areas of the university. The purpose of our brand guidelines is to unify and strengthen the UTMB Health brand. Our identity system provides all the tools you need to express our brand visually, including colors, typefaces and images that give our brand its own distinctive look. Online, you’ll find design guidance, layouts and templates to help you bring our brand to life. If you have questions about any part of the identity system, please contact the UTMB Health Brand Management Team.

Digital Communications

The web is the university’s digital front door, and our web presence supports and helps us fulfill our mission and serve our customers in an ever-growing number of ways. We use technology and design to deliver content and offer services. We focus on partnering with other developers, providing tools and resources, and fostering a environment for productive and effective collaboration for Internet-based activity. More about Digital Comm »

Video Production

We collaborate and coordinated with partners at the institution to use video as a tool to inform and educate the campus and the community about the amazing work done here at UTMB. We use video to tell and deliver sometimes complex, sometimes heartwarming stories in an effective, engaging and accessible fashion.

Social Media

Our social media team guides the campus community as we work to mine the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls of the rapidly changing social landscape. We help develop strategies and tools that empower the UTMB community with knowledge about social channels, to enable them to advocate in an appropriate fashion for our programs, and that helps us enhance service, increase satisfaction, and spread the word about UTMB Health. Of course, we want to do this in a way that also complies with state, UT System and university policies and minimizes risk and liability to UTMB. More about Social Media»

Graphic Design/Print Production

Marketing and Communications helps ensure we maintain visual quality and consistency in our communication to internal audiences and key external constituents, whether those messages are presented digitally or in print. The graphic design and print team provides support to initiatives identified as institutional priorities by UTMB leadership. We also coordinate with and work alongside colleagues in the UTMB Print Shop and other designers across campus.

Branding and Digital Services

  • Logo usage review and consultation
  • Review of print collateral
  • Review of branded durable goods and merchandise
  • Web standards management and web templates
  • Digital and print advertising
  • Signage and digital displays
  • Creation, updates and management of official institutional web templates
  • Creation, management and updates of key institution top level pages, including the main UTMB home pages
  • Coordination with IS and other entity partners, for a cohesive and effective web presence across the enterprise

Primary Contact