Jennie Sealy

Apparel Branding

Nothing brings a brand to life more than having it worn by people who embrace what it represents.

Our identity standards play a role in ensuring that apparel with the UTMB Health brand are properly using our institutional marks and colors. In addition, UT System oversees licensing and trademark matters associated with its university brands, and regulates the use of UTMB's logo on apparel and products.

Wearing the UTMB Health logo

When personalizing apparel with entity names and locations, place the personalized information away from the logo, on a separate part of the apparel, such as the sleeve or the back.

When embroidering or printing the UTMB Health logo on apparel, always use the full-color logo. The recommended apparel colors are shown. These colors follow the guidelines for correct backgrounds for the logo. For more information, see Correct Backgrounds.

The logo may be placed on hats that are in a color from the neutral palette.

To obtain approved digital art of the logo, see Downloads.