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Writing Style

Words matter. The language we use to express ourselves and communicate with patients, students, customers and other audiences should be clear, concise and consistent.  

UTMB Health uses the Associated Press Stylebook as its primary guide for UTMB promotional materials and general information. A UTMB Editorial Style Guide supplements the AP guide, and includes some UTMB-specific guidance and information, as well as some of the most-used style points from other sources.

The usage of our name in text should be as consistent as the usage of our master logo. Think of it as the text translation of the UTMB Health logo.

On the first mention of our name in a document, wherever possible, use the full institution name, "The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB Health)." Thereafter, you may refer to our institution as "UTMB Health." In certain situations, such as headlines, posters, specialty items and other marketing materials, or when using a multitier name, it may not be possible to use the full institution name. In these cases, it is acceptable to use "UTMB Health" alone.

When using our name in text, the letters "UTMB" must be in all caps and without periods or spaces, "utmb" is never to be used. "Health" must be capitalized and must be separated from "UTMB" by a single space. Do not style the name differently from the rest of the text. Do not italicize or bold the letters "UTMB" or "Health."

Yes: UTMB Health

Never: utmb Health or utmb Health