UTMB Health Digital Publishing

Web Publishing

This modern digital age is one in which consumers and customers—be they patients, students, vendors, or fellow employees—interact with UTMB via multiple channels.

It’s important that UTMB’s various channels offer a clear and consistent brand message, whether they are web pages, a presence on any of a growing number of social media outlets, e-publications and documents, video and other mixed media, or other digital resources.

Digital Brand

Web Design

Our digital brand standards derive from and build upon the overall identity guidelines. However, a number of unique and important needs differentiates the digital brand guidelines. These differences are driven by the technology behind specific digital communication channel. 

Our webs and other digital content need to be available and useful on any sort of device, especially phones and other mobile devices. They need to perform quickly, display legibly, work as expected and flex to the users’ needs, regardless of how or where visitors may be accessing our content. This is called responsive web design.

A number of attributes define and shape our online presence. Please review the links below for details. 

Web Accessibility

As a place of healing, of health education and scientific discovery, UTMB Health has a responsibility to ensure that the content it offers online can be accessed by all users. Web accessibility is the approach and practice of designing our web content, services and online brand with accessible, universal access in mind. Web accessibility is as important as using the correct color in our logo.

Of the adjustments mentioned earlier in the digital guidelines (including color, typography, logo treatment and visual style), many are intended to support accessibility and accommodate other needs associated with the web. They are outlined in the section below. 

UTMB Health Web Accessibility Guide

Web Content Management System

The Sitefinity Web Content Management System (CMS) is UTMB Health’s primary supported platform for web site creation, management and hosting.

Sitefinity was introduced to UTMB in 2015 and has been enhanced continually since its deployment. As this is published, there are 270 UTMB web sites being hosted in the CMS, in both public and intranet environments.

Sitefinity is a web-based application: Users are NOT required to purchase or install any special software or hardware. Sites can be managed from any internet-connected computer running a modern web browser. Multiple training tools are available, including online training, videos, and hands-on classroom training (offered in collaboration between Marketing & Communications and IS Training).

Sitefinity offers a template-based solution where branding issues including color, typefaces and logo usage have largely been addressed. Sites built in the CMS are also responsive/mobile friendly by default, ensuring that content is available to users regardless of the type of device being used. 

Learn more about the Sitefinity CMS