Letterhead Samples


Using or creating UTMB Health stationery.

The stationery used in business correspondence represents the brand and also serves as additional advertising.

All UTMB Health correspondence must be written on official UTMB Health stationery. When composing correspondence, follow the typewritten format shown in the business letter example.

Templates for Self-serve Printing or Sending Electronically

These Microsoft Word templates are for desktop printing and electronic correspondence.

The Logo is present on the template and the personal information area on the top right is unlocked on the template so that you may enter your own personalized information. Be sure to use the same Arial typefaces and type styles outlined in the placeholder areas. Also, make sure all of your personalized information is correct before using your template.

Choose the desired file type from the options below, click the image to download:

Templates for Pre-printed Stationery

These Microsoft Word templates are for printing on stationery paper with personal information and logo pre-printed ON the paper

Please note: “Ghosted” logo and personal information shown in the thumbnails below represents information preprinted on your stationery shell and will not appear in the Word template. Only the editable body copy will appear on the downloaded template. 

For information about ordering letterheads, envelopes, business cards or other stationery items, visit the Graphic Design and Printing Services website.

Choose the desired file type from the options below, click the image to download: