Social Media Marketing & Communications

Our social media team guides the campus community as we work to mine the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls of the rapidly changing social landscape. Our goal is to come up with strategies and tools that empower people with knowledge about social tools, that enable them to advocate in an appropriate fashion for our programs, and that help us enhance service, increase satisfaction, and spread the word about UTMB Health. We work to do this in a way that also aligns with university policies and protects the university and its people from unnecessary risks or liability.

Areas served / Scope of work

We manage the top level institutional presence on several social platforms. We advise and consult with those managing or contemplating UTMB-related social media properties. We seek to increase collaboration, integrate content, cross-promote to get the most mileage out of work we collectively produce. We also like to showcase the best of what our community has done, and ask members to share their knowledge and expertise so that we may teach each other.


  • Things to consider before taking the social media plunge
  • Suggestions for set up
  • DOs and DON’Ts of Posting – content, photos/images
  • How to respond and who should be in the loop?
  • Current UTMB policies and guidelines for using social media
  • Branding in the social sphere
  • Reputation management

Project Examples

Primary Contact