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avitiNex-Gen Core: Next Generation Sequencing Core Facility

UTMB’s Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Core provides high throughput sequencing to UTMB investigators and others using dedicated Element Biosciences’ Aviti sequencing instrument and Illumina NextSeq 2000, NextSeq 550 (this will be retired by the end of FY 24) and MiniSeq instrument.  Aviti offers lower cost and higher Qscore, while Illumina platforms are still the mainsteam technologies on the market.  The NGS Core offers support in library construction from various template sources; RNA (total, poly A+ and miRNA), chromatin immunoprecipitated DNA (ChIP-Seq), and DNA (genomic and amplicon-derived). Library quality and quantity is assessed using Agilent Bioanalyzer and qPCR. Multiple platforms offer choices of different technologies and cost structures.  Libraries prepared for Illumina sequencing can be sequenced on both technological platforms.  In addition to short read sequencing, the core can also offer long read sequencing support.  Please contact core if you are interested in long read sequencing (RNA isoform sequencing, full length 16s rRNA sequencing, and de novo genome assembly). 

What can you do with Next Generation Sequencing?
  • ChIP-Seq
  • De novo assembly
  • Variant identification
  • SNPs
  • Transcriptome (reference-guided or de novo)
  • miRNA and small ncRNA sequencing
  • Quantitative - RNA-Seq expression analysis
  • Exome Sequencing (Cancer or Custom Panels)

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Next Generation Sequencing Costs: January 1,2024
Run Cost    
PlatformRun TypeEstimated ReadsCost
AvitiPE 75 Base500M$1450.00
 PE 75 Base1B$2100.00
 PE 150 Base500M$1475.00
 PE150 Base1B$2500.00
NextSeq 2000SE 100 Base100M$1360.00
 PE 150 Base100M$1690.00
 PE 300 Base100M$2310.00
 SE 100 Base400M$1900.00
 PE 100 Base400M$3400.00
 PE 150 Base400M$4000.00
 PE 300 Base300M$4300.00
 SE 50 Base1200M$2700.00
 SE 100 Base1200M$3700.00
 PE 100 Base1200M$4900.00
 PE 150 Base1200M$6400.00
NextSeq550 (this instrument will be retired by end of FY24)   
 SE 75 Base130M$1,650.00
 SE 150 base130M$1,750.00
 PE 75 base130M$1,800.00
 PE 150 base130M$2,665.00
 SE 75 base400M$2,220.00
 SE 150 base400M$3,895.00
 PE 75 base400M$3,920.00
 PE 150 base400M$6,165.00
 75 cycles25M$1,320.00
 150 cycles25M$1,490.00
 300 cycles25M$2,210.00
 300 cycles8M$980.00

M, million; SE, single end; PE, paired end

NGS Data Analysis                       $85/hr

Library Cost 
RNA-Seq Non-Stranded, no dT selection$276.00
RNA-Seq Non-Stranded & dT Selected$282.00
RNA-Seq Stranded & dT Selected$304.00
RNA-Seq RiboZero rRNA Depletion$373.00
DNA-Seq (Covaris)$274.00
DNA-Seq  Nextera Flex$278.00
microRNA (Small RNA)$296.00


Jill K. Thompson
Haiping Hao, PhD

Location: 2.110 Basic Science Bldg.
Phone: (409) 772-6349

Please contact Dr. Hao to discuss your sequencing project.