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Deadline for submission: December 01, 2018!Submission Form Below

Our world is witnessing an unprecedented increase in human mobility with more than one billion people, one of every seven, categorized as in-country displaced or international migrants. The dramatic and uncontrollable increase in human mobility has affected all countries, either as their status as a country of origin, transit country, or country of destination. The increase in human mobility and its impact on all countries globally has changed the world’s perception to the question of migration resulted in the wide adoption of migration and human mobility as a result of the current development paradigm. This made migration on the top list of priorities on any international development agenda and created demand for different approach between the South and the North or what is called “Paradox of the Migration-Development Nexus”. Improving the health of migrants and their access to health care services requires multi-level action at individual, community, institutional, and societal/policy levels. These sets of interventions should consider the variations among regions and countries in terms of political climate, social protection models, organization, and the financing model of the national health care system. The current document proposes a work plan for the development of a report that identifies and motivates solutions to address the question of the health of migrants (including the internally displaced and refugees).

The annual conference on the health of migrants is designed to provide a platform for a constructive policy dialogue among relevant stakeholders. Those include: immigrants and organizations representing migrants, law and policy makers, government leaders, health care professionals, faith community, health system administrators, academicians, researchers, community-based service providers, and international and multi-lateral organization representatives. The second annual conference in October of 2018 will focus on identifying effective strategies to address gaps in policies, implementation, and research. We welcome posters and/or art (e.g. drawings, photography, and films) submissions that address one or more of the following themes:

  • Legislation and policies that impact health, lives and livelihood of migrants;
  • Implementation to enhance access to, and utilization, of quality and culturally-appropriate health; and
  • Research to identify health needs of migrants, assess determinants of access to health and social services, and inform effective strategies to overcome the gaps.

The poster abstracts should cover the learning objective(s) and provide a description of the topic in no more than 250 words. The abstract and subsequently the poster may describe research findings, stories from the field, and the theoretical framework for suggested actions/policies. 

The art abstract should cover, in no more than 250 words, the broad idea of the artwork, how it relates to the abstract themes, and the space expected to display the work. Artwork can include, but is not limited to: drawings, films, photographs, and sculptures. If the art is already completed, please include a link to view it online or embed it in the PDF. Artwork needs not to be complete for consideration. 

Proposals should be submitted by December 01, 2018 using the submission form below.

Session participants will be asked to vote on the posters and artwork during the conference. The top three from each category will be recognized during the conference closing session.

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