Dr. Balaji Krishnan's Lab

Welcome to the Krishnan lab

Balaji Krishnan Lab GroupOur lab is interested in understanding memory mechanisms. Under this umbrella, we are investigating integrity at the synaptic level as a factor important in health and diseased states.

Our interests span from studying neurodegenerative to neuropsychological effects. Our expertise includes vertebrate and invertebrate model systems to conduct experimental procedures ranging from molecular biology, electrophysiology and behavior.

Our Current Research Interests include

  • Studying the synaptic dysfunction and memory deficits associated with Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementia using human post-mortem brain tissues, preclinical rodent models and invertebrate genetic models.
  • Studying the effects of space radiation using preclinical models of central nervous system deficits to develop countermeasures to prevent cognitive dysfunction in the upcoming deep-space flight missions by NASA.