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In March 2018, we asked members of the UTMB community to share their opinions and preferences related to web search. The request was initiated by Google’s decision to end support for the two products UTMB has long used for internal and public search of its online presence (read more about why we’re having to change or see the campus survey results).

Campus feedback made it clear that search is important to UTMB, and Information Services found funding to purchase a new search appliance, a product called Mindbreeze. Several months were spent on installation and configuration, and the service was launched for campus use on Thursday, Oct. 4 (tied to the expiration of the current tool, which Google has now deactivated).

Feedback on the new appliance has been mixed, with many preferring the very good results offered by Google (which again, is no longer an option for our internal search).

Important to note:
  • We’ve been using the Google Search Appliance (GSA) for more than a decade. Over the years, an already excellent tool was further refined, and our search results were very good. We expect to take a step backwards before we start to see results similar to what we were able to deliver in past.
  • The new Mindbreeze product is one of the leading replacement products for the GSA, but it is a different tool. It will be indexing tens of thousands of web pages and documents from “scratch.”
  • As expected, optimizing the Mindbreeze search results (and the documents being searched) to get us close to what we’ve all come to expect with the GSA is an ongoing process and will take time.
  • We plan to continue to work with web developers to ensure their pages are optimized to provide good, relevant search results.
  • UTMB's search appliance only indexes and delivers results from UTMB web sites. If you are looking for content or information from non-UTMB sites, use the external search function built into your web browser, or one of these.
  • Google and other search tools do still index public-facing (non-intranet) UTMB web pages. You can continue to use those search tools to find public UTMB content.

Once you’ve have a chance to use the search tool, we always welcome and appreciate your feedback, questions and suggestions. Please send all comments to, or use the feedback tab on the new search site. 

Thank you for your patience and support while we work through this transition.

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