Galveston County Daily News, Oct. 22, 2006 When Dr. John D. Stobo said he would resign as head of the University of Texas Medial Branch next August, he issued a plea for support from Galveston County.  “If you don’t want to see us shrink to a 200-bed hospital, if you don’t want us to lose the National Laboratory, this is a time for the community to get behind UTMB,” Stobo said. Funding cuts, staff reductions and even the institution’s hotly debated, evolving mission have left UTMB in turmoil. There are two problems in responding to Stobo’s call for support. First, no one understands clearly what the community should do. Second, the community simply cannot solve many of UTMB’s problems. UTMB must do that. Nonetheless, UTMB is too critical to Galveston County’s future to ignore, and we simply must engage.