Galveston County Daily News, Oct. 25, 2006 By Howard Brody I am a relative newcomer to UTMB and am still trying to understand all the recent changes and controversies. Speaking only for myself and not for the institution, one way to get a fix on things is to ask whether all the parties to a controversy are at least owning up to the nature of the problem. For instance, I have heard numerous reports about UTMB’s reputation for poor service to patients, that may drive away some with insurance. I am pleased, therefore, when I attend faculty meetings, to see that this problem is being taken very seriously by the leadership and efforts are being made to change this. Next, I come to Sen. Kyle Janek’s guest column (Oct. 22). He starts by blaming county governments for not doing their part, without asking where in today’s political climate the counties are going to come up with the money, without slashing other vital local services. He does, however, eventually get to the main point — that ultimately the state has to step up and increase UTMB’s appropriations, if UTMB is going to be enabled to continue its historic mission as a hospital of last resort for the state’s indigent patients.