The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston has announced the creation of a new Healthcare Management Institute.The institute will be working to develop new standards that will help improve health care administrative efficiencies globally.

Collaborating with The American National Standards Institute and the International Organization of Standardization the new institute will develop management practices and metrics to help improve the operations of health care systems, reduce costs and enhance the patient experience for health care entities around the globe.

The HMI’s technical committee already has begun work on its first standards, such as patient centered staffing and organization hygiene management.

UTMB’s Ronald McKinley and Lee Webster will serve as the institute’s leadership team, both have several years of standards development experience.

In addition to health care management standards, the institute also will be leading an effort to develop international human resource management standards.

The new institute recently hosted an employee engagement conference where attendees learned about the power of standardization, especially with regard to the quality management of people in the workplace.

“UTMB is making a commitment to advance quality management practice in health care organizations and in the practice of human resource management,” said Dr. David L.Callender, president of UTMB. “We anticipate that the work of the institute will have many downstream benefits for the people of Texas and for people around the world.”