Based on the flu strain crossing Australia this year, which the annual vaccine was not very effective in preventing in that country, there has been concern that it may not be effective at preventing illness in the United Sates. However, a new report found that the strain of H3N2 causing problems in Australia is not identical to the predominant virus circulating in the states. “The majority of the viruses are well covered by the vaccine,” said lead researcher, UTMB’s Slobodan Paessler. This news also reported at KPRC Channel 2 Houston, WebMD, True Viral News, Medical Xpress, Doctors Lounge, WDRB Louisville, KTVN Reno, KEYC Minnesota, Hawaii News Now, Tucson News Now, KTTC Rochester, KWES Odessa, KVVU Las Vegas and many other media outlets around the country.