Houston Chronicle, Dec. 2, 2006http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/business/4373829.html BP was ordered to provide evidence that it has improved safety at its Texas City refinery at a hearing Friday on the cases of three plaintiffs who were severely injured there last year. Alisa Dean, Tracy Donaie and Enrique Rivera, who have previously settled with the company, charged that BP has not paid their medical bills in a timely manner. BP will also have to provide documents that show the company has paid the plaintiffs' medical bills. Perry said his clients, who still require intensive medical care for their burns and will never be able to work again, had to battle for more than a year to make BP pay for medical bills from physicians and hospitals, including the University of Texas Medical Branch. The hospital had sought to collect $1 million but released the liens in October after the three workers filed the lawsuit, Perry said.