Galveston County Daily News, July 31, 2007 Column by Dr. Howard Brody GALVESTON - My wife Daralyn accompanied me to see the much-argued about movie, "Sicko." Our conversation on the way home: H: Well, I guess that one slam at Moore was not really justified. D: What was that? H: some beat him up for implying that the Cuban health care system was so much better than the U.S. system. But that was not his intent at all. He had just finished showing us very starkly some of the superior features of health care in Canada, England and France. Moore always keen on irony, started out with the fact that some 9/11 first responders had serious health issues and could not get care for them in the United States. On hearing how good the health care reportedly was at the U.S. detention center in Guantanamo Bay for the al Qaida terrorist suspects, he hired some boats to take these American patients there to demand similar care from the U.S. government. Naturally they were turned away; and so purportedly they then found themselves in Cuba with nowhere else to turn. The point seemed to be that at least the Cubans were willing to reach out to these needy Americans and do what they could for them, when their own government had turned its back.