Houston Chronicle (Internet / Print) 06/18/06 http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/ap/nation/3980717.html Andrea Yates often struggles with deep depression or hallucinations in the weeks around June 20, the date when she drowned her five children in their bathtub in 2001. During that period this year, Yates will be in court for her second murder trial. Jurors, who will be selected beginning Thursday, will hear largely the same evidence as in Yates' first trial, but they also will hear about her psychotic episodes since her 2002 conviction, which was overturned on appeal, defense attorney George Parnham said. In 2004, for example, Yates was hospitalized in July after starving herself for up to six weeks, losing about 30 pounds, according to the University of Texas Medical Branch Hospitals' discharge records. She believed she saw "babies yelling for help," the records show. "We've got four years of mental health records to show she's still severely mentally ill," Parnham said. (This Associated Press story has appeared widely throughout the United States and abroad on TV and in Print.)