Dr. David Herndon, director of the Blocker Burn Unit, spoke with Ameera Shahmani, with translation help from Dr. Mohammed Bayasi, on Friday, June 20.  Shahmani was seeking help in repairing her hands that were severely damaged by a car bomb in Iraq in 2004.  She was working for the United States at a hospital near Baghdad as a security officer. 

Shamani was overjoyed to learn that Herndon said that he could help repair her hands so that she can at least grasp items.   Her first surgery was scheduled for July 16. Her story was broadcast Friday evening, June 20 on KHOU-TV, Channel 11 in Houston and was published by The Houston Chronicle on Sunday, June 22.  

She was all smiles after her visit to UTMB where doctors told her that they would be able to help her regain some use of her hands.