Galveston County Daily News (Internet / Print) 05/26/06 As it plans for its future, the University of Texas Medical Branch is looking at what it does and how it pays for it. But it is one part of that planning — how to cut costs and boost revenues — that has many who work for Galveston County’s largest employer on edge. In a town meeting Thursday, university President John Stobo discussed the process and answered questions from the community. For weeks now, representatives of Navigant Consulting have been walking through university departments and questioning employees about their jobs. The company’s report won’t be complete until early June, so officials on Thursday didn’t detail what changes could be in the offing. But in an interview Thursday, Stobo said employees would feel the effects of the larger changes the university will make. “There will be changes in job responsibilities,” he said, adding that it was too soon to say whether those changes would include any layoffs.