Galveston County Daily News (Internet / Print) 05/22/06 The University of Texas Medical Branch says it will use an $886,704 grant to provide stipends to seven students pursuing doctoral degrees in nursing and whose career plans include teaching at the university level. Alice Hill, project director and director of the nursing doctoral program in the UTMB School of Nursing, was surprised to learn that the GAANN grant funded seven fellowships. “We had requested three fellowships and they gave us seven,” she said. Hill learned of the award from U.S. Rep. Ron Paul’s office. “Nursing is facing a shortage of nursing faculty at a time when there is a need to increase the number of graduates from nursing schools,” Hill said. “Given the shortage of nurses, and given the shortage of nursing faculty needed to educate a new cadre of nurses, it is imperative that we not only increase the number of faculty, but that we increase the number of faculty with the highest level of educational preparation.”