Galveston County Daily News (Internet / Print) 05/14/06 Guest Column by Dr. Ahmed E. Ahmed: Since Thanksgiving Day, I’ve made it a practice to sit and write down a list of gifts and blessings bestowed upon me by my creator. After reviewing my list, I realized that my most meaningful blessings are not my house, my car, my clothes, my food, my job or even my priceless children. My most significant blessing is “the women in my life.” Two significant woman figures shaped my entire life. They are the ones who molded my moral and spiritual values and my ability to be compassionate. I found out after deep soul searching that every man has, at least, two mothers in his life. God has instructed us to “be of service and protection to women” not only on this specific Mother’s Day but throughout their lives and ours. I pray to God to bless all the good mothers in this universe.