Galveston County Daily News (Internet / Print) 05/06/06 John Stobo says that what the issue of the uninsured needs is at least a statewide solution. “The system is broken,” said Stobo, the president of the University of Texas Medical Branch. “If we don’t address the issue, it’s going to have a major negative impact statewide.” Stobo was vice chairman of a statewide task force that issued a report on the issue last month, but he said UTMB could not afford to wait for the state to act on the task force recommendations. “We’ll keep looking for solutions at the local level,” he said. Among those solutions is a much-anticipated 3-Share program that UTMB hopes to launch this fall. “We’ll start certifying companies this summer,” said Barbara Breier, director of UTMB’s Center to Eliminate Health Disparities. “Once we have approval, we’ll be ready to launch in three months.”