Brazosport Facts (Internet / Print) 05/06/06 With the purchase of new equipment and a pediatric nurse practitioner on staff, The Children’s Center of Brazoria County can offer a service the county has never had — physical exams for children who are suspected victims of sexual abuse. “Most of the child abuse cases that we see are sexual abuse — about 75 percent,” said Dr. James Lukefahr, consultant for the center and clinical director for University of Texas Medical Branch pediatrics. “The colposcope does not touch the child but the examiner can still see the magnified area in great detail.” With the colposcope, examiners can take pictures of the observation area for a case file and possible court presentations. “What impresses me the most is how these children can be in a tough situation and still disclose information,” Lukefahr said. “In so many ways, we’re trying to minimize their trauma.”