New York Daily News (Internet / Print) 05/04/06 Several recent dermatological studies have found that among those who regularly sunbathe on the beach or a tanning bed, a subset may have a chemical dependency on harmful UV rays. "I have some patients who are tan all the time and have had multiple skin cancers," says Dr. Richard F. Wagner Jr., a dermatologist with the University of Texas Medical Branch. "They said they can't and won't stop. The skin cancer is a fallout of the behavior, but they don't seem to be able to help themselves." Wagner co-authored a 2005 paper in which his team modified screenings normally used to classify alcohol, drug and other substance disorders, then used them on beachgoers near his Galveston office to find out their tanning habits: 26% met the diagnostic criteria for a substance-related disorder in one screening, 53% in the other.