Galveston County Daily News (Internet / Print) 05/04/06 Amy Doss says her first visit to the free clinic at St. Vincent’s Episcopal House was almost overwhelming. “Things you’re learning in class you can finally apply to real patients,” she said. Still, added Jeyhan Wood, reading a textbook and prescribing treatments are vastly different things. “Knowing that I had that kind of power was a little scary,” she said. David Rider, co-director of the student-run clinic, acknowledged that he and his fellow students often learned as they went. “There is a huge knowledge gap,” he said. “Even as a third-year medical student, you have a lot left to learn.” On this Thursday evening, the attending physician is Donna Weaver, a family practice physician who doubles as an instructor at the University of Texas Medical Branch. “I really like working with the students and supporting this,” she said. “The students run it. It’s their clinic.”