Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died just before he turned 36, in 1791. The music giant was then buried in an unmarked grave which was later dug up, so the plot could be reused. The cause of his death was unclear until recently, report UTMB’s Norbert Herzog and David Niesel in this week’s installment of Medical Discovery News. It had long been rumored that Mozart was poisoned, but studies now show he may have died from strep throat. He fell ill about November 20, 1791, and died 15 days later. Two of Vienna’s finest physicians diagnosed him with severe miliary fever which simply meant he had a rash and a fever. A recent epidemiological study of the death records and eyewitness accounts show Mozart may have died from complications of strep throat. The epidemic may have started in a nearby military hospital. MDN airs locally at 10 a.m. Saturday on KUHF.