KHOU-TV (CBS) Ch. 11 Houston TX (Internet / TV) 06/23/06 It proved the miracle of motherhood can happen over and over, even for adopted children. If you don’t believe in miracles, you won’t believe what happened at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston because you won’t believe the story about the little female patient. 11 News first met Gentry in 1993.  Donna Gale Lovett decided to adopt her. Gentry was born to an alcoholic mother who put her up for adoption.  Doctors quickly realized she needed a kidney transplant. The perfect donor happened to be the same woman who chose to be the little girl’s mother. Donna Gale had one of her kidneys transplanted into Gentry. The surgery was a success and Donna Gale raised Gentry as her daughter. As she grew older, Gentry outgrew her mother’s kidney.  Her family started searching and praying for another donor. Against all odds, one of Donna Gale’s long-time friends turned out to be another match. “It’s becoming much more common to see that unrelated people are giving kidneys to people that they know.  And even kidneys to people that they don’t know,” said Dr. Kristene Gugliuzza, UTMB professor of surgery.