Galveston County Daily News (Internet / Print) 07/03/06 Some employees at the University of Texas Medical Branch are being told their jobs will be eliminated, but there have been no formal layoffs as yet. The medical branch, Galveston County’s largest employer, in late June announced cost-cutting measures aimed at trimming more than $130 million from its $1.4 billion annual budget. University President John Stobo said the cuts were needed to erase an operating deficit that’s been running about $20 million a year when depreciation is taken into account. The cuts include plans to lay off about 100 — or one-eighth — of the medical school faculty as the medical branch closes some underused clinics in Galveston. In addition to those positions, the university, which employs about 13,000, plans to cut another 900 jobs. By last week, word was trickling out that some UTMB workers had been told they should start looking for other employment.