KHOU-TV (CBS) Ch. 11 Houston TX (Internet / TV) 07/03/06 It has been said that is takes a village to raise a child. If that is true, one little girl with a life-threatening problem is finding a lot of help from a team of Houston villagers. It seems the perfect bedtime routine until it comes time to undress. Every night the family’s routine includes all that needs to be done to keep 13-month-old Avery alive. Avery’s kidneys never worked. Born weeks early, she weighed just more than 3 pounds, and the doctor thought she was too small for dialysis. He wondered how to tell Avery’s parents. “I looked at her, and she looked at me and she had what I call the light in her eyes. And I turned to her parents and the first words I think I said to them was ‘Excuse me, I’m going to beat up on your baby,’” Dr. Alok Kalia at UTMB said. “And I picked up her foot, and I just slapped her and she didn’t like it one bit, and she let me know and I knew she would do.” She was the tiniest patient he ever put on dialysis, but she’s growing. “Just this last month she came and she was crawling all over everywhere,” Jeanene Trochesset, a nurse at UTMB, said.