Galveston County Daily News (Internet / Print) 07/27/06 Local opinions were mixed Wednesday about the verdict in the second trial of Andrea Yates, who drowned her five children in the bath tub of their suburban Clear Lake home. Yates was found not guilty by reason of insanity. She will be committed to a state mental hospital and held until she is no longer deemed a threat, according to The Associated Press. If she had been convicted of murder, she would have been sentenced to life in prison. William Winslade, medical ethics and law professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch, said the verdict is appropriate. “It’s obviously a terrible, terrible, tragedy that all those children were killed, but there seemed to be convincing evidence to the jury by the psychologists who evaluated her after it happened,” he said. Winslade said the jury is not excusing the crime, but is acknowledging that Yates was insane at the time she committed it — not necessarily before or after.