Lexington (Kentucky) Herald-Leader (Print / Internet) 03/12/06 http://www.kentucky.com/mld/kentucky/14078973.htm Few Pulaski County residents will get one of the highly paid jobs at a proposed federal bioterrorism lab. But they will get the spinoff. The proposed lab would bring 410 jobs with average salaries of $74,000 to a county where the median household income is $27,000 and 19 percent of the population lives below the poverty level. People who now work in BSL-2 labs, which are found in most hospitals, could be trained to work in higher-level facilities, said Mike Holbrook, director of a BSL-4 lab at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, since the procedures build on each other. Whether hospital lab workers could make the transition to higher-level labs would depend in-part on how they react to working with dangerous pathogens. "You give someone one of those ultra scary things, and they kind of think again about what they're doing," Holbrook said.