What will the sequester mean for Texas?   It means that nearly 10,000 children in Texas will not receive preventative vaccines.  

Dr. Richard E. Rupp,  a professor of pediatrics at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston  and Director of Clinical Trials and Clinical Research at the institution’s Sealy Center for Vaccine Development, is available for interviews.  

“We anticipate any cuts to these initiatives, both in Texas and to similar programs across the nation, will greatly affect a family’s access to these vaccines. In a day and age where we have the tools to prevent numerous life-threatening illnesses, the long-term fallout of such action is unfathomable.” 

As a board certified pediatrician and the medical director of UTMB’s school-based clinics, Rupp has more than a decade of experience working with schools to provide immunizations to students and improve vaccination rates in children and teens. The Sealy Center for Vaccine Development at UTMB is one of the most comprehensive vaccine centers in the United States with leading programs in vaccine research, development, policy, and education.