Galveston County Daily News (Internet / Print) 03/25/06 Though he’s been mistaken for a Jedi knight, Moses and a druid, the man in the Franciscan habit at UTMB is Father Dennis Bosse, the campus minister at Galveston’s Newman Center, which is in the basement of the Bishop’s Palace. Father Bosse said, “I do wear my Franciscan habit to the universities and colleges, as well as to other outings. I have been asked if I were in a cult, or were a druid or perhaps a Jedi knight.” Asked by the Daily News for any observations on the island or student culture, and whether Galveston and UTMB are uniquely different, Bosse offered, “I do believe that the students search for the truth and some see it in faith and in church. Those have a desire to grow more closely to God through prayer, to learn more about their faith and church, to make their faith and belonging to a church their responsible and active choice. What society tells them, though immediately gratifying, ends up leaving a person emptier inside.”