Big drama at Galveston’s John Sealy Hospital Wednesday. UTMB police stormed the labor and delivery wing looking for a reported gunman. Luckily, there was no shooter found; it was just a drill preparing staff in the event that a gunman ever shows up at the hospital. “We have these drills periodically. This is the first time we’ve practiced in the hospital,” said Thomas Engells, UTMB chief of police. “It’s more realistic than in a controlled training environment, all in pursuit of making us a safer and (more) secure campus community.” That’s why surgical tech Deborah Warren volunteered to play the shooter’s first victim, “With the way thing are happening here in the world today, I thought that it would be my purpose and my part in life just to show what we can do to eliminate this from happening at this university.” Dr. Joan Richardson, UTMB’s Institutional Awareness Preparedness Officer, said, “We’re trying to maintain and provide the safest kind of environment that we can for our patients.” The news also appeared on KTRH-AM (740, Houston), UTMB Galveston trains to be ready for a shooter.