“Most of our patients come in complaining of back pain, joint pain or pain related to cancer,” said Dr. Courtney Williams, clinical director of UTMB’s pain clinic in League City. Treatment options vary per patient, but often start with a physical therapy recommendation. If needed, the pain clinic also offers prescription pain medication, nerve block procedures, spinal injections and psychological counseling. Many suffering from chronic pain also experience depression. The clinic’s psychologist, Jeff Baker, helps patients deal with the emotional and mental stressors of pain. According to Dr. Rene Przkora, each patient responds differently to steroid injections. Some patients find immediate, long-lasting relief, while others require maintenance injections for ongoing relief. There are some patients who do not find any relief from the injections, he said. [Note: This article was written by India Ogazi in UTMB’s Office of Marketing and Communications. Email your story ideas for consideration.]