Since their daughter Nola’s diagnosis of mucopolysaccharidosis a month ago, the Carters have called, used Facebook, scoured the Internet and relentlessly emailed for information. Helping them have been UTMB physicians Dr. Michael Binder and Dr. Reuben Matalon, known for his research in enzymes related to mucopolysaccharidosis. The two men came into the story in January. In the midst of Nola’s one-year exam, Binder tag-teamed with Matalon, suspicious that developmental delays were actually signs of the rare genetic disorder found 1 in every 70,000 births. As a result of their quick work, Nola is probably the youngest child in the world with her specific diagnosis. She also is a prime candidate for a gene therapy clinical trial planned at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio later this year. The news originated with the Galveston Daily News and appears in several outlets throughout the United States, including the Kansas City Star, the Washington Times, Sacramento Bee, San Antonio Express News, Friendswood Journal and the Columbus Republic, among others.