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System Based Practice

Medicaid in Texas Just the Basics medicaid
Patricia Beach, MD
Elizabeth Rodriguez-Lien, MD

This module is designed to provide
basic information about Medicaid in Texas in 2016

Objectives for this module:

  • To describe the scope of insurance coverage or its lack for children in Texas
  • To compare public costs for Medicaid for children vs. adults in Texas
  • To list services which are required/covered for children under the EPSDT program
  • To illustrate the goals and impact of managed care on the delivery of health care to children who have Medicaid insurance
  • To help providers select cost-effective strategies for prescribing and refilling prescriptions for Medicaid recipients

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This module was created when the Dr. Patricia Beach was a participant in the
ADAPT (Any Day Any Place Teaching) program, 2009-10,
and amended by Dr. Beach and Dr. Rodriquez-Lien in 2016
at University of Texas Medical Branch, funded by an Innovations in Education grant
from the Office of Health Affairs, at the University of Texas System.

last updated July 2016