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To provide a centralized resource for researchers across the Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias community to access protocols, aggregates, and detection reagents for the study of protein aggregates in disease.

The PPRN was founded on the following overarching aims:

  1. Develop and analyze the structures of known and new oligomers, seeds, and fibrils isolated from both clinical and biological samples.
  2. Develop detailed characterizations of oligomers and seeds in terms of their sizes, structural homogeneities, morphology, image probe binding, and immuno-reactivities.
  3. Determine the optimal conditions to maintain, propagate, store, and distribute these known and new oligomers/seeds.
  4. Distribute oligomers, seeds, and fibrils.
  5. Develop chemical and immunological probes to detect and quantify oligomers and seeds, along with protocols for verification and replication.
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