Grants & Contracts Accounting


Master Contacts

Shana Foster-Mathews, MBA

Director, Grants & Contracts Accounting
(409) 266-1685

Cecilia Gabrich

Finance Manager
(409) 266-3075

Melissa Goodwin

Finance Manager
(409) 266-9452

Sharon Nguyen, CRA

Finance Manager
(409) 266-9445

Grants and Contracts Accounting is the central office for administration for the financial management of sponsored programs. It provides information and resources to assist UTMB departments with understanding the following aspects of grants and contracts: Billing and Accounts Receivable, Financial Status Reporting, Functional System Support and Reconciliation.

The mission of Grants and Contracts Accounting is to facilitate the UTMB research mission, from funding identification through project completion by: Providing research-specific resources and education; Promoting the responsible conduct of research; and Advising and assisting with administrative policies and regulations.