Welcome to the 2016 State Employee Charitable Campaign "Together we care."

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In 2014, Todd Leach as the Tin Man led us on an adventure down the yellow brick road; our efforts yielded more than half-a-million dollars and made over-the-rainbow dreams come true for the charities, causes and people we supported.

In 2015, the battle took place among the stars, where our alliance of committed employees — led by Jedi Master David Marshall — proved they could summon the power of the Force for another half-million-dollar effort. Good hearts and generous spirits conquer all.

This year, James Graham from the Division of Rehabilitation Sciences leads the resurrection in an epic campaign unlike any other. Watch as he unearths a legion of generous contributors who will claw and crawl toward our supernatural goal of $525,000. It'll be spooky, it'll be fun, and most importantly it'll help the people, further the causes, and strengthen the communities that benefit from our support.

The next campaign officially sprouts on Oct. 7, 2016. (But psst, we'll let you in on a secret. If you want to make your pledge or gift now, you can. Give it a shot.)

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2016 State Employee Charitable Campaign "Give with your heart."

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