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The Institute for Drug Discovery capitalizes UTMB’s world-class research in infectious disease, neuroscience, and other disciplines for therapeutics development. Through academic and industrial partnerships, we integrate the best interdisciplinary teams to discover small molecules and biologics for treatment of diseases. Our drug discovery for pandemic preparedness is empowered by the Galveston National Laboratory, the largest biosafety-level-4 facility in the world on an academic campus, and well-established pathogen models at UTMB.

We seek collaborations with academia, industry, government, and philanthropy to develop medicines to improve and extend human lives.

Gary Kobinger, PhD, OM, MSC
Interim Director

New Funding for Antiviral Research

The Sealy Institute for Drug Discovery (SIDD) is soliciting preproposals for feasibility and pilot projects that will result in preliminary data and subsequent funding for drug discovery research.

Preproposals Form

In the News

  • 2023 Drug Discovery Scholar Award

    November 13, 2023, 16:07 PM by SIDD

    Xiangxue Deng is the first recipient of the UTMB-Novartis Alliance for Pandemic Preparedness (UNAPP) Drug Discovery Scholar Award.

  • SIDD Call for Preproposals

    November 1, 2023, 12:58 PM by SIDD

    The Sealy Institute for Drug Discovery (SIDD) builds academic, industrial, and community partnerships to identify clinical drug candidates, advance knowledge of drug discovery, and train the next generation of discovery researchers.