Sealy Institute for Drug Discovery

Institute Director

Gary Kobinger, PhD, OM, MSC

Gary Kobinger is Director ad Interim for the Sealy Institute for Drug Discovery, Director of the Galveston National Laboratory, and the John Sealy Distinguished University Chair in Tropical and Emerging Virology.  His primary academic appointment is in UTMB’s Department of Microbiology & Immunology.

A highly collaborative researcher, Dr. Kobinger has co-authored over 300 peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts in such diverse fields as public health, microbiology, infectious disease, and biosafety. Large-scale research programs managed by Dr. Kobinger have evaluated vaccination against influenza and HIV. His work has been recognized with several prestigious awards for science, teaching, and service. 

Dr. Kobinger has considerable experience investigating immune response against Ebola virus. The contributions of his team to the treatment of Ebola infection and development of the VSV-based Ebola vaccine have been featured on 60 Minutes, National Geographic, BBC Horizon, NOVA, France 2, PBS, CBC, RC and others. These contributions have led to clinical trials including a Phase III efficacy study in humans.

Dr. Kobinger’s expertise concerning research on high-consequence pathogens and the development of public health policies and recommendations has been sought by the White House. He also serves the international community, having been elected to numerous positions by the World Health Organization (WHO), where he is a member of the External Strategic and Technical Advisory Group advising the Executive Director of the WHO Health Emergencies Program.

Currently, Dr. Kobinger’s research focuses on developing and testing new vaccine platforms and immune treatments against pathogens of high consequence to global public health.